What to Expect

Read below to get a preview on what’s to come this Winter. Additional info will come straight from the CHS coaching staff at the beginning of season.

Practices- begin Wednesday, November 20th, 6-9pm

  • There will be strength & conditioning, film, and mandatory study hall for all basketball players throughout the entirety of Winter. Sundays are non-practice days, and there will be some other off-days thrown in at coaches’ discretion. Expect your athletes to be busy 5-6 nights out of the week during basketball season.

Parent/Guardian & Coach Communication- If you are a former youth parent, with a child now in high school, you will find that communication between families and coaches during the Winter high school basketball season greatly differs. When your child plays for Cleveland Basketball as a youth player, or in the Summer on one of our program’s off-season high school teams, the coaches are employees of our organization at that time. During Winter, they are employees of PPS & CHS, and follow different guidelines.

  • Because of the complexities of being in PPS, as well as having 1 gym at CHS, there is a sequence of events that typically happens before families get communication from the coach.

    • The CHS AD confirms the weekly sports schedule with ALL Winter sport coaches, including gym/mat room/field use times, game confirmation, and bus schedules for the coming week. Once Winter coaches receive that communication from their AD, Coach Campbell will then send families a weekly email to relay specifically just the basketball schedule for the upcoming week. This weekly email is usually on Sunday evenings, and will have practice/study hall/film times, as well as bus & game schedules.

      • Be advised that the schedule is always subject to change, and there are some seasons where last-minute changes happen more or less often than in others

    • Coach Jaz will also set up parent group chats for each separate team for families to communicate with one another and her. These have always been successful at the youth level, and proved to be just as effective this Summer with high school teams. This app will continue to be great for parents to work together to coordinate rides this Winter, help with laundry duties, as well as assist during events like the Glow Out game and others. The messaging app is just a good way to stay in the loop of what’s going on in a quicker, more accessible way than email.

      • Download the smart phone app “Whats App”, and let Coach Jaz know you’d like to be added to the parent group chats.

      • Also, please note that the Head Coaches (Coach K, Coach Nick, and Coach Campbell) will NOT be in the What’s App chats, only Coach Jaz. There are also several things PPS/PIL consider unacceptable conversations for parents to have with coaches at the high school level, including, but not limited to:

        • your child’s playing time

        • game strategy

      • Compliments/Critiques during Winter HS basketball season should be directed to the Cleveland High Athletic Director, and can have the Coach cc’d if you’d like.

        • Again, this is due to Coaches being employed by PPS/CHS for those few months during the school year.

Player & Coach Communication- Coach Jaz will set up player group chats for coaches to communicate with their teams.

  • Have your player download the smart phone app “Whats App”.

  • Players are expected to handle their own communication when it comes to attendance, their game/skills, etc.

    • For instance, if a player needs to miss a practice, game, study hall, or film, they must inform their coach AND teammates in the group chat

      • Acceptable reasons, include illness, academic event (such as band concerts, SATs, etc.), family emergency, religious event, etc.

    • Also, players are encouraged to ask their team coach (or any of the CHS coaching staff) for feedback about their skills, areas for improvement, ways to gain more playing time, etc.

Game Scheduling: The schedule can be found on OSAA’s website. Please note that CHS coaches, nor PPS/PIL manage the OSAA site. You will find sometimes that is not always up to date, so always be sure to refer to the Sunday evening emails from Coach Campbell to confirm weekly schedules. Again, games are always subject to change based on weather, other events needing the gym at either school’s locations, and even bus transportation.

Transportation: all athletes are required to ride the school bus to games. A coach will always be on the bus with players during the trip. Bus driver shortages in PPS have impacted timeliness on bus arrivals & pick-ups in the past, so if you are new to high school basketball in the PIL, please keep this in mind. It is highly recommended that players ride home with families after games to avoid post-game transportation issues, however, coaches are more than happy to ask the AD to keep a return bus request for any players needing to ride it back to the school. If players are going to ride with their families, this must be communicated to coaches by players AND confirmed by PARENTS the day before the game.

  • Using the What’s App group chat to communicate this is acceptable. You also can communicate with other parents to coordinate rides, as that will inform a coach if a child is being driven home by another family post-game as well.

Academic Requirements: Players can be on the team when they meet the school’s requirements. In addition to those, there are also academic & attendance requirements that come straight from the CHS coaching staff. These additional requirements are designed to keep student-athletes focused on the student part of their responsibility as priority #1, and can impact playing time when the standards aren’t met. All academic info, from both the school and the coaching staff, can be found here.

Fundraising: Every year, players participate in the FTAT fundraiser. Our program offers an online donation option for youth & high school athletes, and in past seasons, great overall program participation in FTAT has helped cover things like the Shooting Machine, a HS basketball trip to Hawaii in 2016, and a coach bus for the Varsity team to ride to Round 1 of state playoffs in 2018.

  • High School athletes typical annual goals are to cover the cost of gear, Senior Night gifts, the End of Season family social, and a player’s day out at a venue of their choice (Sky High, Laser Tag, Bowling, etc.), but extra fundraising by some of the players/families, as well as some surplus from youth fundraising, has at times allowed for the additional experiences for CHS athletes & new equipment mentioned in the above paragraph. This year’s goals have yet to be set, but more information will come closer to the start of season.

  • One thing that coaches would like parents to work together on this season is pre-game/post-game FOOD for players. They would like any food fundraising/efforts to be done separate from the FTAT, and handled amongst the families themselves. There was an all-star parent leading this charge last year, and we’d all like to see more involvement and participation on that front from others this year too. If any parents would like to take on setting up a rotation or the coordinating of getting fruit, sandwiches, waters, power bars, etc. for players to eat, it would be a huge help. The coaches are looking to separate the food out as a parent task, in order to get the parents bonding more and working together, same as their athletes. Both the coaching staff and our program feel this will continue to bring people closer & help build the basketball community, because feeding hungry teenage boys is something everyone has in common at this stage!

Events: This year, Cleveland Basketball will help Coach Jaz put on 1 White Out game & 2 Glow Out games for CHS. We will also help with another Big Night fundraiser party for adults only (this time, post-season). The game events are not only loved & memorable for the players, they are also crowd favorites for both the student-body as well as our youth families. Coach Jaz has also expressed interest in planning a Retro/ThrowBack night for the crowd, as well as a middle school All-Star skills challenge to showcase the next wave of potential CHS athletes. She’s also looking for 1/2 time entertainment on any of the above event nights of the Varsity games. Please reach out to her this year if you have any other ideas or would like to help out with fun events for our basketball community!