Coaches Corner

We are always looking to grow our coaching family for the elementary & middle school levels to prepare them for when they enter high school athletics. If you are interested in becoming a youth coach, read more and apply here.

Check out the Cleveland coaching staff below.


Hoop Teams

Coach Yoel Abraha.jpg

Coach Yoel

5th grade

Coach Samuel Lee- Photo.jpg

Coach Sam

6th grade (green)

Coach Joseph McDonald.jpg

Coach Joe

6th grade (yellow)

Coach Darius Coleman.jpg

Coach Darius

8th grade

Warrior Prep

Coming Soon.jpg


5th grade

Coach William Bradley.jpg

Coach Will

6th grade

Coach Dondrale Campbell.jpg

Coach Campbell

7th grade

Headshot Square.jpg

Coach Jaz

8th grade

Also, scroll down from there to see the boys basketball coaches at Cleveland High School. Many of the kids in our youth program have gone on to play ball at CHS, so we are especially excited to have been able to hire some of their staff as coaches for a couple of our competitive youth teams.

Cleveland High School

One day, your child may be playing for one of them!

Coach Dondrale Campbell.jpg

Dondrale Campbell 

CHS Head Coach, Varsity


Headshot Square.jpg

Jazmyn Foster

CHS Assistant Coach, Varsity

Nick Green

CHS Head Coach, Junior Varsity

Kristian Grobecker

CHS Head Coach, Freshmen


CHS Boys Basketball Volunteer