There are so many reasons to be a sponsor of Cleveland Basketball, but the #1 reason is the kids!

Our program is 100% community driven, organized and managed almost completely by Varsity Assistant Coach Jaz and a few parent volunteers who currently have, or have had, youth or high school players come through our program. Cleveland Basketball is committed to providing a quality basketball experience for all children and teens, regardless of their ability to pay.

Sponsors allow us to offer lower registration fees to all of our families, ensure that we can grant scholarships to all athletes in need, reserve gym space well ahead of season, provide gear for the players and keep qualified, licensed coaches on staff. We also support the high school boys basketball teams with their needs and consistent support from community members and businesses allows us to be a sustainable & reliable option for the basketball community in our area!

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Please see some of our program ambitions below and consider making an annual contribution to show your support for the kids & families in our community!

The Cleveland Youth Program is a 501-C3 non-profit organization.
Federal Tax ID #46-321913 


Below you will find some of the expenses our program is asking for help with:

Program Goals

  • Gym space (& possibly our own facility in the future)!

  • Scholarships for multiple players within the various programs we offer each season is an important need of ours right now. Knowing the amount of scholarships we will have available ahead of time would be a HUGE help to our program and many families!

  • New uniforms are needed across the board. We have had the same jerseys for years, minus those torn, lost, and not returned. The Portland Trail Blazers were a huge help to providing us jerseys to use in the interim, and as our program has started to re-vamp this year, we would like to order new uniforms, with our colors, for 25-30 teams to be ready to wear in the 2019-2020 season.

  • Player exposure opportunities.

  • Coaching development opportunities.

  • Support the high school program with needs above and beyond what the school district covers.

Warrior Prep Player Scholarships: $11,700

We would like to help cover costs for at least 6 players with advanced skills to play competitive basketball on our travel teams for grades 5th-8th, that may not have the resources to be able to afford registration or travel expenses. Warrior Prep players play in during the Fall, Spring, & Winter seasons, at an average cost of $650 per player per season. In order to help 6 players across 4 teams, that’s $3900 needed per season, or $11,700 for the full basketball year (for basic costs alone, not including travel). Please consider helping us to guarantee that we can provide a competitive option for disadvantaged families. They may not otherwise be able to afford to put their kids on an elite circuit to showcase their talents, and we never want financial restrictions to be the reason a child does not get the level of exposure they deserve.

Hoop Team Scholarships: $2,340

During the Fall & Spring seasons, we have up to 6 Hoop Teams filled with kids who are wanting to work on their skills in the off-season. If we can help 1 kid per team with playing, we would love to be able to do so. This total does not include the handful of families who also ask for partial scholarships.

REC Team Scholarships & Coach Training: $2,925 & $1800

During the Winter season, we have anywhere between 9-15 REC Teams of kids at the beginner level of basketball. These teams are led by parent volunteer coaches, and we feel that it is important that these players and coaches have a great experience at this level. We support all kids from all over, including many kids from different areas of Portland. We’d love to be able to offer at least 1 kid per team a scholarship if needed, (or 2 partial scholarships per team). In addition, our basketball season is busiest during Winter, & we have limited gym space options, so we have struggled with finding time for training opportunities for the parents stepping up to coach the kids. If we could rent a gym for 3 hours and an experienced coach or group of coaches to come in and train our parents, that would be awesome! We want them to feel knowledgeable and empowered in their roles as mentors for the young athletes.

New Uniforms: $15,000-$30,000

Yes, these are expensive! Our current jerseys are a weird combination of old and older mismatched jerseys that are too small for many kids these days. The temporary solution has been to use Rip City Academy jerseys provided by the Portland Trail Blazers until we can get our own in our colors, Green, Black, and White. The average cost of a quality reversible jersey (top only) is $50 from Nike & $45 from Adidas. The cheaper ones are closer to $35, however, our trial of a cheaper option did not go well. Seams come out, the jerseys have torn, and they are needing replacement at faster rates. $50 per jersey is a cost that includes both the quality material of a jersey AND the screen printing work. Typically, screen printing runs about $3 per number, $7.50 per logo, per location. Meaning to have a number on both sides of a reversible jersey is $6, and to have a Cleveland Basketball logo is $15 per jersey. We had 25 teams in Winter 2018, so $50 per jersey x 12 players is $600 per team for just the tops! $600 x 25 teams is $15,000. So, if we want the bottoms too, it’s more! In addition, we have travel teams that we would like to provide specialty jerseys for. These are more expensive. If we cannot fundraise enough to outfit the entire program next year, our plan is to build the jersey cost into player registration fees. This means that player fees would increase for 1 year, which we really would like to avoid. Any help towards these would be amazing for our entire program to have a new look!

Gym Space- Too Much $$$!

Our biggest struggle in front of player scholarships is the ability for us to secure affordable gym time. Here is breakdown of facility costs in our area right now:

Eastmoreland Courts- $75/hr

Metro Courts- $90/hr

PPS Facilities- $78/hr + $28-$48/hr custodian fee for a minimum time frame of 4 hours at CHS (yes- we have to pay for this if we use it, because we are a non-profit organization, not run or led by the district or any schools within the district) See here for PPS cost breakdown.

In addition to being costly, PPS gyms are difficult to reserve given their CUB office isn’t timely with responding to requests, and there are so many of their own youth & high school sports needing space each season. Cleveland High School especially is lacking a 2nd gym for their high school teams, so they look for other locations as well during the year when other Winter sports (dance, girls basketball, wrestling) are needing equal time in the high school space. This does put a strain on younger teams, as high school teams get priority over youth when their are moves that create scheduling conflicts. Because of the lack of gym space, the PIL Athletic Office has also expressed their interest in trying to help ONLY our 6 PIL teams that we choose to place in their middle school league. That leaves dozens of our other teams with limited options. Our least expensive choice has turned out to be Eastmoreland Courts, and it still costs 1 team $3,600 per season to practice twice a week there for a 2-hour reservation block. Our Warrior Prep team players pay roughly $650 per player each season, so 6 players fees are used just to cover the cost of practices for a 3 month season. (Fall is 2 months, Winter season is 4, Spring is 2 1/2). This means that only 4 other players fees are leftover to cover insurance, tournament fees, travel costs for coaches, coaches pay, and a little bit for admin for all of the work they are doing. We have been reducing practice time and trying all sorts of ways to afford all things required for a team, because of the huge costs of renting gym space, but the fact remains that we have been UNDER charging for many of our teams, especially Warrior Prep. We have been relying on fundraising dollars from our annual Free-Throw-a Thon to bridge the gap every season. If we want to continue operating, we really do need to receive additional help with gym space. It is our biggest expense, and is expected to cost us over $40,000 next year for just 4 of our teams (imagine what it costs if you add in the other teams)! In order to reserve our time, we also need to be able to make deposits to facilities ahead of other programs. Help with this would take a huge stress off our shoulders & ensure that we can be around for more and more years to come.

An even bigger aspiration, for any companies or families looking to help, is building our own multi-sport facility so as to eliminate the need to rely on these expensive places. We haven’t looked in to the costs of that just yet, & it may be too big of an ambition, but it is being discussed. It would also be a HUGE project, requiring the help of many different people, and the financial support of our community and sponsors!

Player Exposure Opportunities: $5,000

This is a new goal for our program and will help some of our most talented kids have a platform to be seen in various places across the country. Each year, we are looking to offer 2 of our 8th graders & 2 kids from the Cleveland High School boys program the chance to attend a scouting camp or player showcase. We had 2 youth players in Fall 2018 earn invites to a National Camp in San Diego, CA after amazing performances in a tournament in Seattle, WA, with our 8th grade Warrior Prep team. Read more about it here. Knowing that there is potential for more of our boys, including those 2, to make names for themselves, we want to support them and their families in any way we can. The same is true of the high school players. Many of the players at Cleveland High grew up playing in our program, and we want to always be a resource for them as well. The community pulled together recently using go-fund-me to help a recent graduate, 4 year Varsity player, and alumni of our youth program purchase a car so that he would be able to drive back and forth to a college he earned a scholarship from up in Vancouver. He has given back to this program in many ways, still assisting at youth camps and even helping with training of the new K-2 summer program added Summer of 2018. Sponsorship of the many amazing kids will alway help alleviate some of their worry about cost and the unknown for them and their families.

Coaching Development Opportunities: $2500

Several of our experienced coaches have expressed interest in attending coaching clinics and camps across the nation themselves. If we can offer 2-3 coaches the chance to do this annually, we want to! Their aspirations and goals are just as important to us, because the more they learn and develop their coaching techniques over the years, the more they will continue to have to offer our players. We also whole-heartedly want our amazing coaches to enjoy their experience working for us, so that they will want to continue leading & being role models for the young athletes in this community. See some of our coaches here.

High School Needs: $10-12500 annually

Each year, the high school program looks to outfit the players with new team shoes and travel gear as well as provide meals to the kids for away games. In addition, they host an end of year event and run summer programming not funded by the district. A common misconception is that they receive yearly gear & funding for events and Summer basketball, but they DO NOT! The school district does not do this either and it is left upon the CHS coaching staff to find ways to replace old items and get new things as well. Fundraising is heavily needed to provide this to the kids each season! Our program helps in these fundraising efforts and needs more support to alleviate costs for the families. All 3 teams (Frosh, JV, & Varsity) are also in need of additional sets of jerseys to use repeatedly. There is a shortage in sizes and colors across the board at the high school level, same as at the youth.