HS Parent Code of Conduct

(for High School off-season teams during Fall & Summer)

Being a participant of Cleveland Basketball is a privilege, not a right. With this privilege, comes responsibilities of personal conduct. Our Coaching Staff is committed to providing kids a safe place to develop friendships, learn life lessons, and grow as athletes & teammates. This starts first and foremost, by being role models for the kids. We cannot do this alone. We are going to extend accountability onto the parents and families to build a well-functioning program that encourages community involvement in creating positive experiences for high school athletes, no matter the final score, and no matter the minutes played.

Parents need to recognize that in order for them to have a continued connection or invitation to participate with our program, they are expected to be roles models too. Showing praise, offering reassurance, teaching good sportsmanship, and exhibiting positive behaviors while at Cleveland Basketball events or high school games & tournaments where Cleveland Basketball teams are playing is a must! We need everyone associated with our program to represent us well at all times and be great examples for the children to look up to; no exceptions!

There are also specific rules that parents must adhere to, involving their kids, the volunteers, staff, coaches, referees, opposing teams, and family members & friends. The Cleveland Basketball staff is giving authority to coaches, referees, and other parents to communicate with us about any actions deemed detrimental to respect for the game, and to those who work for, and/or participate in and around our program. Communications of this nature should be sent directly to Cleveland Basketball, at: info@cleveland-warriors.com

Any parent who is believed to be guilty of improper conduct or behavior that is in violation of the rules set forth by Cleveland Basketball, whether it’s through communications, or at a practice, games, or activity may be asked to refrain from contact, leave the facility (ejection by refs or request from Coaches), or may be suspended from the following practice, game, or activity by us. Repeat violations can result in multiple suspensions, or season forfeiture of the privilege of attending any and all Cleveland Basketball-related events. Cleveland Basketball also reserves the right to remove families from the program indefinitely or refuse service in the future- without refund. Incidents brought to our attention through the proper channels, will be discussed amongst the staff, but final decision on suspensions, season forfeitures, or program removal will ultimately be at the discretion of the Board and the Coaching Staff. 

Issues that parents have with coaches also need to go through the proper channels. The CHS Coaching Staff are NOT employees of PPS when working for our organization, so issues should come to us when they are coaching OUR high school teams. They serve as consultants to help our youth staff with training opportunities & questions only, they coach some of our youth teams themselves, and they dedicate their Summers to coaching our high school teams. Parents who have concerns about the behavior and conduct of the coaching staff at practices and games, whether it’s towards volunteers, staff, players, referees, opposing teams, or family members or friends, should send such communications directly to the email above so that we may discuss with the coaches.

Playing time concerns are never to be brought to our staff and are always the sole discretion of the coach! 

Please read the rules for parent involvement in Cleveland Basketball. Then, check “yes” during registration to acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to follow our Code of Conduct.  

Thank you.

Code of Conduct- Rules

“I hereby pledge to provide positive support and encouragement for my child/player participating with Cleveland Basketball at any and all practices, games, tournaments, activities, or events by following the rules set forth by Cleveland Basketball. These rules are as follows…

  • I will treat all volunteers, staff, players, coaches, referees, fans, and opponents with respect and dignity.

  • I will not verbally or physically abuse nor intimidate anyone associated with our program.

  • Verbally abusing an official, scorekeeper, or anyone associated with presenting the game is unacceptable behavior, and I will refrain from such behavior during Cleveland Basketball games as well as at tournaments that Cleveland Basketball will be participating in.

  • I will ensure that my player treats our volunteers, staff, other players, coaches, referees, fans, and opponents with respect and dignity, and recognize that they can be penalized for exhibiting behavior contrary to this.

  • I understand that penalties for my child/player exhibiting conduct unsuitable for our program include, but aren’t limited to: being given a technical, or ejected from the game by referees, substitution out of play by the coach, reduction in minutes until behavior is corrected, suspension for a game or multiple games, or removal from the program entirely- all without refund of money I paid for my child/player to participate.

  • I will ensure any friends or family members invited to activities, events, and games behave according to our Code of Conduct, and agree that any incidents they are involved in should be viewed as an extension of myself.

  • I will refrain from coaching my child during a game, and leave that responsibility to their designated coach.

  • I understand that coaches decide on how much playing time a player will receive, and that while our goal is to give each player meaningful minutes, that will not always be possible in the heat of competition.

  • I will not try to demand that a coach plays my child/player more.

  • I understand that inappropriate topics to discuss with high school coaches include: playing time, game strategy/play calling, other athletes on the team.

  • I will encourage my player to initiate conversations with the coach themselves when they have questions about playing time or things to improve on.

  • If I have concerns or complaints about the conduct of volunteers, staff, coaches or other parents, I will follow the proper channels when bringing them forth.

  • I understand that bringing forth a concern or complaint does not always merit a response or follow up.

  • I understand that my role as parent, is to be a parent and provide love, support, & encouragement to my child/player; the role of a referee is to be the officiator and call the games; and the role of a coach is to do the coaching; and I will not blur the lines of my own role with the roles of others while I am connected to the program or while at any sporting event in which Cleveland Basketball participates.

  • I will demonstrate civility, model good sportsmanship at games, and encourage my child to do the same.

  • I will be courteous to all Cleveland Basketball volunteers and staff, and encourage my child to do the same.

  • I will use social media in a way that is respectful of Cleveland Basketball, the staff, the coaches, & other players.

  • I will not force my child to play if they do not want to.

  • I will not encourage my child to engage in any behaviors or practices that would endanger the health and well-being of anyone else in the program.

  • I will encourage my child to engage in behaviors and language that will help with team camaraderie at all times.

  • I, myself, will promote the emotional and physical well-being of my child/player and the other athletes in the program.

  • I will demand a sports environment for my child that is free from drugs, tobacco, and alcohol and I will refrain from their use at all Cleveland Basketball-related practices & games.

  • I will applaud the efforts of my child/player, and praise them for competing fairly & working hard, no matter what.

  • I will applaud the efforts of other players within Cleveland Basketball, & praise them as well.

  • I understand that the game of basketball is a team sport, and the team success will always be placed above any specific individual, including my child.

  • I will make an effort to understand, appreciate, and respect the rules of the game.

  • I understand that my player also has an obligation to uphold certain standards set forth by the coaching staff & I will reinforce these standards, whether they are related to school (grades & attendance), sports, health (eating & sleep habits, stretching, etc.) and behavior (body language, verbal language, treatment of others, etc.)

  • I agree that violation of anything within this Code of Conduct will subject me, my child/player, and my friends and family to potential penalty, up to and including removal from the program entirely.”