Coach Campbell pushed CHS Boys Basketball in the Classroom...

Varsity Head Coach Campbell raised the bar in the classroom in his first season last year (2017-18), by requiring that all boys players maintain a 2.5 GPA or higher to be able to suit up for games. His requirement is above the district’s required GPA of 2.0 & set new expectations for his program right from the start!

“They can be on the team with a 2.0, but if they want to play and get into games, they need to show me that they don’t just want to slide by with the bare minimum." How they push themselves in school is a pretty good indication of whether or not I will get maximum effort in practices & on the court.”

In his second year this year at CHS, Coach Campbell went a step further when he implemented a study hall requirement for the 2018-19 season. This new direction has paid off in a positively impactful way! Not only did the boys step up & meet his 2.5 GPA expectations, they exceeded it! The Cleveland Warriors boys basketball program has earned a whopping 3.37 GPA average to end the regular playing season and they were nominated for the OSAA All-Academic State Award!

Great job to the players & to Coach Campbell, Coach Jaz, and the rest of the CHS coaching staff for pushing our athletes to succeed in the classroom.

We will keep everyone posted if they win the award this post-season!


Coach Jaz