Our Newest HS Travel Teams- 1st Trip of the Summer is in the Books

This past weekend, our 1st ever Cleveland Basketball high school travel teams made a name for themselves against some tough talent at Bellevue College in Washington state. All 5 games that the Varsity team (17u) competed in were nail-biters, coming down to the last minute, and sometimes the final seconds, for the game to be decided. Although Varsity finished this NCAA-sanctioned tournament with a 2-3 record, it was clear to our fans, spectators, and opponents, that our school teams playing on the tough club basketball circuit could’ve been 5-0 with just a couple more plays in their favor.

Coach Campbell & Coach Jaz are extremely excited about what many of their players from CHS are doing this Summer on the newly formed Cleveland Basketball travel teams for high school athletes.

“They all chose to stay together this off-season and build, instead of separating and going to play on AAU teams like most other athletes are doing in Summer. We’ve got 2 seniors who wanted to work on their leadership & get better for the school season, and the rest are all younger guys who have a couple more years together to keep learning & growing. It’s been so fun to watch all of them go head to head with older guys, and guys who are a lot bigger than everyone on our team. We come out surprising everyone and win or lose, they put a smile on my face every day. The positivity, selflessness, and coachability of this entire group of players (Freshmen through Seniors) is second to none.”

See below for scores from this past weekend. And if you see the coaches or players, be sure to wish them good luck on their next trip which is in Las Vegas, NV beginning July 24th.


Bellevue Scores- Varsity.jpg