Skills Training

Looking to improve and become a better, more complete basketball player?

The Cleveland Basketball coaching & training staff will provide various opportunities for players to get skill development lessons during the year, outside of the busy Winter basketball season. Sign-up to refine your on-court abilities, add to your current skill set, and improve various aspects of your game. See below for current information on individual and group training sessions offered.

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Group Sessions


Register today for off-season training.

Next Season: Summer

Cost: $25 per session -or- $85 for all sessions

Location: Sunnyside

When: TBD

Day TBD 5-6pm (3rd-5th graders)

Day TBD 6-7pm (6th-8th graders)

10 players MAX each 1hr session


Ball Handling-

Finishing Around the Rim-


Speed, Agility, & Quickness-

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HS Group Sessions


Register today for off-season training.

Current Season: Spring

Cost: $35 per session -or- $120 for all sessions

Location: Sunnyside

When: May (Fridays)

Fridays 5-6pm

Fridays 6-7pm

4 players MAX each 1hr session, 2 Coaches (2 CHS players per coach)


May 3rd

May 10th

May 17th

May 24th


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Individual Lessons


CHS’s Varsity Boys Basketball Coach, Dondrale Campbell, offers 1-on-1 sessions to athletes of all ages in the off-season. This includes Fall, Spring, & part of Summer.

Current Season: Spring

Availability: Upon Request


Cost: $60 per session

Coach currently has a set group of players (youth, high school, & collegiate levels) that he works with regularly at various locations throughout the state. Check directly with him to see about getting on his schedule.

Note: If you are a current CHS athlete looking for lessons to work on skills in Winter, Coach Campbell does not charge players in the high school program during season. There is no guarantee he will have any availability during Winter basketball however, so the off-season is the best time to get in sessions & work on your skills.