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Biddy Ball Work-Outs

(Beginner Skill)

Grades K-2nd, co-ed


1st come, 1st serve sign-ups

Cost: $175, Includes

  • Weekly small group workouts/training

    • (5 Sundays between September-October)

    • done on a lower hoop & with a youth size basketball

  • 10 players MAX

  • “Cleveland Night Out” at Blazer game

  • Lead Coaches Pay

  • Administrative & Insurance costs

Please fill out the form below to indicate if you have interest in the Wittle Warriors (K-2) basketball program.

Player Name *
Player Name
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Parent 1 Name
Please be descriptive, including what brought you to Cleveland for this age group, what you hope your child will gain from it, and any other important information you would like us to know.
If Cleveland Basketball decides to add this age group, we would do so in stages. Stage 1 is Summer Training Camp. Stage 2 is Fall and/or Winter workouts. Our final goal, Stage 3, would be to add teams to play in our own in-house league in the future to provide young children another playing option in the community that operates nearly year-round. *
Biddy Ball workouts in the Fall is part of Stage 2. Any future extensions to include the K-2 age group as a permanent fixture in our progam, would require your patience and support as we watch for more interest & growth season over season. We would love to always be able to help kids of all ages, so we hope that you bare with us as we do our best to do so.
Please select your level of interest in seeing K-2 teams become a part of our program in the future.