Youth Coaching



All coaches, whether volunteer or paid, must complete a certification process. Our program requires a USA Basketball license, acquired after a background check & mandatory coach trainings. We also require completion of a concussion training and a course on how to protect students from abuse and your reporting responsibilities.

All of these are offered online.

Certification typically opens up each year in September. Licensing is valid for 1 year, which will make you eligible to coach multiple seasons within the year with us if you’d like!

All coaching expenses related to required licensing for your assigned team will be reimbursed to you by CB.

Step-by-Step Instructions

USA Basketball Associates License

Concussion Training

Protecting Athletes from Abuse

Coaching Form

Email Proof of Completions & Payment Receipts to:

Coaches are only reimbursed IF they are selected to coach a team. Once selected, they CANNOT be reimbursed if they fail to send BOTH the proof of completions and the payment receipts. Cleveland Basketball needs BOTH for documentation and accounting.

Checklist to include in your email:

  • USA Basketball License #, email confirmation of completion

  • USA Basketball Receipt of Payment

  • NFHS Concussion Training Certificate

  • NFHS Protecting Students from Abuse Certificate

Additional Requirements

Recreational Team Coaches will have additional forms to fill out, required by the league itself: Portland Parks & Rec.

ALL COACHES are required to find at least one Team Parent to help with communication and other needs that may arise during season.


Coaches of REC Teams, Hoop Teams, and Warrior Prep Teams will all receive one FREE ticket to a Portland Trail Blazer game during the season they coach in.

Coaches will also have the opportunity to attend an on-court training session at some point during the year. (Note: This training session may occur before or after your season.)