Coaching Form

Required annually for all coaches.

Full Legal Name *
Full Legal Name
Cell Phone *
Cell Phone
Address *
Please list any children you have that will be participating on a Cleveland Basketball team this year. (Enter "n/a" if none.)
You are required to have a USA Basketball ASSOCIATES LICENSE, which requires a background screening & completion of training courses. Note: Warrior Prep coaches are required to have a USA Basketball GOLD LICENSE.
Concussion Training *
Acknowledge: I have completed & understand the Concussion Training.
Protecting Athletes from Abuse & Reporting *
Acknowledge: I have completed the training on how to protect students from abuse, and I understand my reporting responsibilities.
Have you coached basketball before? *
Have you coached any other sports? *
Have you had any other formal training as a youth coach? *
Examples include: PE Degree, coaching courses, certifications, online classes, licenses, etc.
Would you be interested in attending a coaches training this year put on by the Portland Trail Blazers? *
Reference *
Please list the name of another person who knows you sufficiently well to comment on your past coaching or your potential as a coach
Reference Phone *
Reference Phone
Team Parent Requirement *
I understand that I am required to have at least ONE Team Parent to help with communication, and other needs that may arise during season. I agree to have one in place before the first game of the season for my team.
Autonomy & Support *
I understand that I am autonomous in my role as a youth coach, and not an employee of Cleveland Basketball. I have the freedom to make my own practice plans, try out my own ideas, and create boundaries with parents and players that make me comfortable in my role. I also understand that within my autonomous coaching role, I have the ability to use practice plans offered here on the websites Coaches Portal, and even can work on my own development by taking advantage of the opportunities extended to me: asking questions, seeking support & guidance, and even shadowing the Warrior Prep & Cleveland High School coaching staff when they are available.
IMPORTANT: Cleveland Basketball aims to provide an enjoyable and safe learning environment for children to build healthy spirits, minds, and bodies. I understand that this responsibility is extended to me in my role as a coach. *