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Youth Support Coach

  • Who: Freshmen-Seniors

  • What: Youth Summer Basketball Camp #2

  • When: August 5th-7th, (8am-2pm)

  • Where: CHS Gymnasium

  • Why: Youth players are a huge part of the high school program’s fan base, and the kids really enjoy getting the opportunity to work with you older guys. When you help to teach the younger generation, you are not only helping them be successful, but you are also developing skill sets of your own. These include the ability to be patient, the ability to demonstrate, and the ability to be effective communicators to be able to explain things in ways that players of different ages and skill levels can understand.

Please sign-up for a minimum of 2 spots to work at this year’s Summer Camps.

Also, be sure to add Youth Support Coaching as a volunteer activity or community work that you take part in on any college applications and job resumes. Coach Campbell and Coach Jaz can be used as references.


  • Who: Juniors and Seniors

  • What:

  • When: Please check back at the beginning of the 2019-20 school year.