Multi-Sport vs Multi-Club


Athletes who are playing other sports, such as Soccer, Football, Baseball, etc. are welcome to tryout and play Warrior Prep. However, they must notify their team AHEAD of time about game/tournament conflicts. All tournaments will be registered for at the start of seasons (except add-ons), and both coaches and other families need to know of attendance of multi-sport athletes at the beginning of season.

NOT Allowed:

All players chosen for Warrior Prep must abide by our "one club" rule. This means they should not play for multiple basketball teams/clubs and should not prioritize another team ahead of Cleveland’s team if participating on WP. Because Warrior Prep is competitive, disciplined, and designed to offer a path to high school basketball (and is also coached by some of the high school coaches from CHS) they expect athletes to prioritize Cleveland Basketball over another basketball club when signing-up!