NCAA Certification Process

for Athletes in Summer 2019

There are strict guidelines of the NCAA Enforcement Certification and Approvals Group (ECAG) (*FOR NCAA SANCTIONED TOURNAMENTS ONLY). In order for players to participate, and coaches to coach their teams; all must complete the necessary requirements by the ECAG. For players this includes; registering with the BBCS and successfully added the “teams bench” with whom you are playing for. For Coaches this includes; obtaining a USA Basketball Gold License, and registering with BBCS, as well as following all instructions to correctly have all your players on your bench. For more information please view the links below.

NCAA Basketball Certification

This page includes links to user resource quick-reference guides and manuals including guidelines and step by step instructions for participants.

The BBCS (The Basketball Certification System)

Team organizations, coaches, and athletes need to be registered in this database. (*Returning coach and athlete users should RENEW their previous account and NOT create a new one.)