The “Free-Throw-a-Thon” is Cleveland Basketball’s annual Winter fundraiser. Once a year, both youth & high school players from our program come together at Cleveland High School to shoot 100 free throws as an effort to help raise money for our program. We play music, this year we will have pizza, and we offer individual and team prizes to our youth that raise the most, and those who prove to have the best shooting skills!

Some of our prizes have included signed Portland Trail Blazer items, Blazer tickets, Visa Gift Cards, CHS locker room & bench access for the younger kids to hang with the high school players during a game, and even a youth team opportunity to play at halftime of a Varsity game in front of a crowd!

Instead of doing car washes, or selling candy door-to-door to help cover the cost of playing sports & running a large community program, we look to make fundraising fun for our athletes! Thank you for your participation and effort to help us keep all basketball programs going each year!

We use youth FTAT fundraising proceeds to help cover:

  • player scholarships (including full, partial, or sibling discounts)

  • new & replacement uniforms (like the brand new ones all of our young athletes get to show off this year)

  • equipment needs (such as the Shoot-A-Way rebounding machine, the new lowered K-2 hoops, replacement coach whistles, clipboards, & bags each season, cones, pads, and of course, new basketballs to name a few!)

  • our website & marketing tools (including banners, yard signs, etc.)

  • events for our entire youth & high school basketball community (such as Glow Out & White Out games, that offer shirts, glow sticks, light up wands, etc.)

  • coaches travel/accommodations for Warrior Prep out of town trips

  • legal costs (including accounting/book keeping, tax filing, and annual renewal of our state & federal non-profit status)

  • a ton of other miscellaneous needs or interests that arise throughout the season!

We also are currently looking for sponsors. Fundraising is not always a sure thing, but committed, annual sponsors could really help fill the gaps when we fall short during FTAT. Please see some of our program goals here and feel free to let any friends or businesses know of our organization.

Thank You!