Student 1st, Athlete 2nd

Things EVERY Student-Athlete should know about classroom expectations before high school at Cleveland, & before college.

Cleveland Basketball hopes to provide parents & student-athletes in the Portland area with some information & a few tools/resources to be successful in school.

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Academic Requirements

The boys basketball coaching staff at Cleveland High School has raised the bar for what is expected of athletes off the court.

NCAA Information

Players who are interested in pursuing an
education and playing sports at the collegiate levels of DI & DII will need to plan their high school course schedules to stay on track with the NCAA requirements. Each incoming class at CHS & current high school athletes must strive to not only meet, but exceed standards that will best prepare them for college success. Here you will find information straight from NCAA websites.

You need to be certified by the NCAA Eligibility Center to compete at an NCAA Division I or II school. Click to sign up! If you are considering Division III or are undecided, you still will want to Create a Certification Account below.

SAT/ACT Testing

In order for high school student-athletes to take these tests, they must first be registered with SAT and/or ACT on each of their websites.